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Michael Eric Owens

Author / Historian 

Michael Eric Owens is the Founder and Executive Director of the Ralph Ellison Foundation.  He is a distinguished scholar, writer, and speaker. Following a successful career in the United States Navy where he achieved Sailor of the Year honors, he attended the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, earning degrees in History and Political Science and Law as well as the Outstanding Graduate Award. He received his Master of Library & Information Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Throughout his career, Michael has received countless awards and is a proud member of the National Scholars Honor Society.  As a leader and advocate in minority communities throughout the United States, Michael has created, spearheaded, and coordinated community programming that is engaging and unifying. He transitioned to Oklahoma with a proven track record of bringing diverse communities together to provide opportunities for collaboration and cultural and social exchanges.  Michael has appeared on such programs as OKC Metro, OKC Mayor Magazine, and the Fox Morning Show.  He has been interviewed on numerous national radio programs. 

Michael serves on the Oklahoma Civil Rights Commission Advisory Board, the Oklahoma City Arts Commission Board, and he is a member of the AFAM Board of Visitors.  Michael was named 2013 Educator of the Year by Perry Publishing & Broadcasting.  He has taught at Northcentral University and the University of Central Oklahoma.

As a community organizer, Michael has administered literacy, leadership, and mentor programming. He continues to be successful at integrating divergent opinions, dispelling misconceptions, and mitigating arising conflicts when it comes to community building. Michael is a skilled strategist, helping local leaders reach a consensus regardless of their initial position.  In his spare time, Michael enjoys spending time with his family, reading and writing, and exploring the outdoors of Oklahoma.

Available December 2021 

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