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Areas of Expertise


Michael has taught at several universities and spearheaded educational programs throughout the United States. He is a sought-out lecturer on race, identity, culture, and political topics. He is the author of “Yes I AM: A New Philosophy of Black Identity.” This groundbreaking work, which has been adopted as a component of college study, crafts a new vision of interpreting identity for Black Americans. His current narrative is entitled “S.O.U.L.: School of Unselfish Leadership.” In this book, Michael challenges traditional leadership theories and lays out an inspirational leadership model.

Public Speaker

Michael is a gifted orator who has presented at multiple events and conferences.  From leadership to diversity, to team building and organizational goal setting, Michael continues to challenge how we think about and approach these issues.


Whether it's through engaging communities, leadership, culture and diversity workshops, or public participation campaigns, Michael has the expertise to help companies reach favorable  outcomes. From startups to well-established companies, he can guide your organization through the most difficult times.

School of Unselfish Leadership

The School of Unselfish Leadership was established to develop the next generation of leaders and to improve the behaviors and managerial skills of today’s leaders. An unselfish leader is a protector, a guide, an encourager, and a friend. They live to empower and rejoice in the success of those they lead. It is never about them, but about those over whom they have stewardship. In this book, you will learn critical skills needed to become a dynamic, influential leader.  You’ll work through real-world challenges faced by leaders today.  Whether you’re new to leadership, a seasoned leader, or somewhere in between, you will come away with tangible tools and techniques that you can readily apply in your organization.

My Approach
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